Wednesday, May 18, 2011

" Putting "; Retreat 2011

Somebody called a rules official (Frandora) ?
 Ms Scott we will make it hard for you to make the putt. Let's see you make the putt through Frandora's, Marcela and Dr Marilyn's legs.
 Here's the real camera view of the putt!....Legs, carpet and all!
Look at our cheerleaders Missy and Denise (Ms Chicago)..... I guess Scott made the putt.
 Ms Scott, you go girl....Doris, Marcela, Frandora and Dr Marilyn couldn't believe you made that putt...WOW!
Weekend roommates, Deatrice and Conni, still on the sideline....are you ladies going to putt today ?
 Doris  (New Jersey) has decided to make the difficult can do is really nothing to it!
Missy is ready to make the putt....this is serious....she is focused!

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