Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Retreat 2011 @ Chateau Elan

 Elora (Ms Welcome Committee Chairperson) &Ms Z are preparing for the arrival of our guest for the weekend festivities.
 The Black Jewels are having registration in the "Monet" room.
 The Black Jewels have even bottle their own Spumante for the weekend....hats and gift bags were also given to all attendees.
 Frandora checking in with the Welcome committee.
Doris Winston  form New Jersey has arrived and she is checking in to receive her weekend literary, and gift bag.
 Doris and Frandora are chatting about Black Jewels in Atlanta & New Jersey.
Ms Scott, Dr Marilyn and Marcela are giving and receiving sisterly love.

Denise Turner (Ms Chicago) has arrived and she is checking in for the weekend events.

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