Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shuttle Bus filled with Night Golfer

Players boarding the shuttle bus

Players arriving on the golf course

Night Golf Players

Checking golf bags for clubs

Black Jewels signing in...getting score cards.

Signing In...

Checking things out...

These two are " side tracked"


Mr Nate, Bridget, Renee, Taylor  & Ms Scott

What are our choices ???
Golf Pro, Grayson, Frandora & Missy

Golf Pro giving playing instructions... This is a really BIG group !

It's really getting DARK.... Can we get started ???

Missy, Franddora, Ms Scott,& Taylor

Are you guy's ready to play now that it's DARK ???

Bridget, Mr Nate, Renee

What's sooooo FUNNY ???

Bridget, Taylor, Renee

Ms Scott, Marcela, DR Marilyn & Mr Nate

Missy, Frandora, Deatrice, Conni, Bridget, Taylor, & Renee

The Black Jewels Atlanta... Chateau Elan...

Lovely Ladies in PINK !!!

Chateau Elan Night Golf Experience 2012

Deatrice practice putting...

Ms Scott practice putting...

Missy practice putting...

Conni practice putting...

Frandora practice putting...

Frandora and Missy

Getting ready to board the shuttle bus

The Jewels....

Taylor,Missy,Conni,Ms Scott,Deatrice,Frandora,& Bridget