Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks:Giving Back

This is where it all taking the collections of food items to give.

Renee is listening and making sure she understands how she and her junior golfer Tadesse are suppose to sort the collected food items.

"Father in heaven, we thank you for your sufficient grace... "
 Missy, Jackie and Ms Z are discussing collection plans to make sure everything is done in order. These ladies like organization...they agree it's the key to success.
Wow...we have turkey and ham, among other things. I hope we have collected enough food to last the families "after " the Thanksgiving Holiday.

"We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us..."
(Romans 12:6, NIV)
Ms Z, Marcela, Renee and Missy are decorating the Thanksgiving baskets. The decorative turkey placed in the front of the basket makes the basket look great. These ladies are going all out...Thanks!
This is the second basket that Ms Z, Marcela, Missy and another junior golfer Jose are decorating.  Looking Good!!!!
What is Ms V. doing?...oh that's right...she is making sure we have some good stuff in the baskets.

It's time to fill the baskets up with our collected food items. Marcela, Ms Z and Jackie are really putting it all together.
The Thanksgiving baskets are stuffed and ready for their deliveries.

 Jackie, Missy, Conni and Fran added the finished touches to the baskets.  The baskets were topped with table clothes, decorative plates, napkins, holiday towels, porcelain mixing bowls, holiday spatulas and pumpkin salt & pepper shakers ... we wanted the baskets to have everything...not just food...things to decorate their table for the holiday.
This basket was delivered to an outreach ministry that helps women who were addicts and their children. We delivered the Thanksgiving basket and a truckload of clothes and coats to the church center. Missy, Marcela, Fran, Dr Marilyn and Connie are here with some of the church ministers and deacons.

On Wednesday before Thanksgiving we returned to help the outreach ministry give out clothes and coats to their community and church members in need.
It was a lot of fun and everyone felt the love from those who contributed the items.

A Prayer; Heavenly Father thank You for the gift of today.  We choose to focus on the blessings of each moment instead of allowing the little things to steal our joy. Keep us close to You always as we submit every area of our heart and mind to You. In Jesus' Name Amen.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lake Spivey Golf & Golf Club : Meet,Greet & Play 9 Holes

It's early and cold, but we are happy about playing 9 holes of golf today.  Look @ Conni leading us in a team cheer...while Matalia tune's us out with that music in her ears.  Matalia is our young team golf coach... Ms Scott is our Black Jewels members coach. Missy and Marcela are ready to start.  Ruby is asking a question as I am finishing my favorite coffee from Dunkin & D.
 That's  Roselyn on the end with her head in position... she really is concentrating. Beside her is Dr Kim focusing on her grip and getting ready to take a swing. What's Ruby thinking about..changing her Tee or maybe making a minor adjustment? There goes  Conni swing back getting ready to swing down and slam the ball off her tee. Missy where are you going?...I guess she's finished with that club and has decided to get another out of her bag.
What is Matalia doing with those earphones still in her ears? I guess Conni will have to talk to herself..her cart mate is in music land!

Fran is talking, Conni is thinking, & Missy is watching Ruby get her clubs together for the morning round of golf.

We are ready to Play 9 @ Lake Spivey Golf Club

Meet & Greet @ Lake Spivey Golf Club

What happened? Did Missy, Fran and Dr Kim all forget something @ home or on the course?
Black Jewels Ladies Golf-ATL Lake Spivey Golf Club

Dr Marilyn, Ms Z, Roslyn and Marcela having lunch after playing 9 holes

Conni, Missy, Fran , Dr Kim and Matalia are ready to have lunch and some more fun in the clubhouse after playing 9 holes of golf. We started out very early on Sunday morning. It looks as though we are getting started, not finishing up a round of golf. We look to happy...that'ts because we are always having a great time...on or off the course.

Fran is getting ready to tee off @ Hole #10, while  Marcela and Ms Z's group wait until it's their tee off !
 Look at the excitement on Ruby and Marcela's face. These ladies are ready to have a great round of golf on a very early and cold morning. Ruby always participates in our Black Jewels events. She goes where we go and she always has a great time with us. We are thankful to have such a loyal  friend supporting our group events.

Dr Kim is ready to Tee Off  on this cold early morning..It's 43 degrees out on the course!

 Thaddeus Nix is another great supporter of the Black Jewels..he also participates when we have our golf outttings. Thaddeus continues to improve his golf game. He comes to our golf clinics and our meet and play dates. Thank you Thaddeus for you continued support...your golf game is looking good!!!
Ms Z is warming up on the golf range...She looks and plays good too.

Missy what are you about to do with that big driver?..I know, you are about to hit it 250 yards...Go Girl Go!!!

 Why am I carrying this bucket of balls ?  Everyone know it's for "show"... and I will give the balls out to anyone who wants them on the range. We all know I will not warm up on the range...I will walk around and socialze until we have to go tee off.
Anyway, I know I'm about to have some fun playing with my team the cold!:-)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Golf Girl Friends

Golf GirlFriends are always doing things together... Like Kim A. and Ms Jackie. They are virtual roomates when we travel. Here @ Chateau Elan they strike a pose for the camera on the way to meet the other girlfirends. We Stay & Play golf and always have a great time together.Kim A is our girlfriend of fun, logic and togetherness.

 Golf GirlFriends will play with you on or off the golf course. Conni, Deatrice, Fran and Precious are ready to go to the lounge to dance and play pool after they finish a round of Night Golf in the rain @ Chateau Elan. Connie and Deatrice are our girlfriends of fun, happiness and business sense.
Dr Marilyn and Marcela are always dressed and ready to play.  Even in the early morning hours on a cool Sunday.  These are girl friends for all seasons. Dr Marilyn and Marcela are our girlfriends of happiness, fun and delightfulness.
 Ms Missy and Fran are girls of fun and laughter.  They play hard and laugh harder. Girl friends on a spiritual journey...whatever the occassion....Having fun and laughing always. Missy and Frandora are girlfriends of togetherness, excitement and fun.
Ms Z is our Golf GirlFriend who will share your hurts, jokes or just be you spiritual girlfriend.
She will enjoy in the laughters and share her friendship on all occassions. Ms Z is our girlfriend of fun, laughter and serious thoughts.
 Dr Kim T and girl friend Lynn are our loving girl friends of fun and seriousness.  We love our seriously fun girlfriends, because they always keep us on task as a group. Dr Kim makes sure whatever we are doing, we do as a loving group of girlfriends.
Dr Kim is our girlfriend of sense, sensibility and fun.
 There is always a new recruit...It' s Girl Friend Renee.  She is our new serious, loving and laughing girlfriend.  We are so glad to have another golf girlfirend in our group. She is a great deal of fun and is the girlfriend that will be the wind beneath our wings. Frandora is our girlfiend of fun, leadership, togetherness and adventure. Renee is our girlfriend of fun and sensibility. Missy is our girlfriend of fun, laughter, love and happiness.
Girlfriends, Ms Scott, Jackie and Dr Marilyn are our lady leaders. Ms Scott is our girl friend of coaching, leadership and fun. Jackie is our girlfriend of fun, laughter, and leadership and Dr Marilyn is our girlfriend of membership, seriousness and fun.