Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lake Spivey Golf & Golf Club : Meet,Greet & Play 9 Holes

It's early and cold, but we are happy about playing 9 holes of golf today.  Look @ Conni leading us in a team cheer...while Matalia tune's us out with that music in her ears.  Matalia is our young team golf coach... Ms Scott is our Black Jewels members coach. Missy and Marcela are ready to start.  Ruby is asking a question as I am finishing my favorite coffee from Dunkin & D.
 That's  Roselyn on the end with her head in position... she really is concentrating. Beside her is Dr Kim focusing on her grip and getting ready to take a swing. What's Ruby thinking about..changing her Tee or maybe making a minor adjustment? There goes  Conni swing back getting ready to swing down and slam the ball off her tee. Missy where are you going?...I guess she's finished with that club and has decided to get another out of her bag.
What is Matalia doing with those earphones still in her ears? I guess Conni will have to talk to herself..her cart mate is in music land!

Fran is talking, Conni is thinking, & Missy is watching Ruby get her clubs together for the morning round of golf.

We are ready to Play 9 @ Lake Spivey Golf Club

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