Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet & Greet @ Lake Spivey Golf Club

What happened? Did Missy, Fran and Dr Kim all forget something @ home or on the course?
Black Jewels Ladies Golf-ATL Lake Spivey Golf Club

Dr Marilyn, Ms Z, Roslyn and Marcela having lunch after playing 9 holes

Conni, Missy, Fran , Dr Kim and Matalia are ready to have lunch and some more fun in the clubhouse after playing 9 holes of golf. We started out very early on Sunday morning. It looks as though we are getting started, not finishing up a round of golf. We look to happy...that'ts because we are always having a great time...on or off the course.

Fran is getting ready to tee off @ Hole #10, while  Marcela and Ms Z's group wait until it's their tee off !
 Look at the excitement on Ruby and Marcela's face. These ladies are ready to have a great round of golf on a very early and cold morning. Ruby always participates in our Black Jewels events. She goes where we go and she always has a great time with us. We are thankful to have such a loyal  friend supporting our group events.

Dr Kim is ready to Tee Off  on this cold early morning..It's 43 degrees out on the course!

 Thaddeus Nix is another great supporter of the Black Jewels..he also participates when we have our golf outttings. Thaddeus continues to improve his golf game. He comes to our golf clinics and our meet and play dates. Thank you Thaddeus for you continued support...your golf game is looking good!!!
Ms Z is warming up on the golf range...She looks and plays good too.

Missy what are you about to do with that big driver?..I know, you are about to hit it 250 yards...Go Girl Go!!!

 Why am I carrying this bucket of balls ?  Everyone know it's for "show"... and I will give the balls out to anyone who wants them on the range. We all know I will not warm up on the range...I will walk around and socialze until we have to go tee off.
Anyway, I know I'm about to have some fun playing with my team today...in the cold!:-)

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