Thursday, June 16, 2011

Retreat 2011:Sunday Breakfast/Departure II

Rasheeena, Dr Kim, Coach Jackie and Tommye are having a quite breakfast.

" The Roomies" chowing down...breakfast was really great!

Dr Marilyn enjoying her breakfast as Marcela takes a call.

The Black Jewels Ladies Golf Association of Atlanta,  Florida, and New Jersey.

The Black Jewels Ladies Golf Association

The Finale....Conni, Dr Fran , and Missy in front of the Chateau Elan Winery and Golf  Course fountain.

Retreat 2011: Sunday Breakfast/Departure

Sunday morning breakfast....Tommye, Dr Fran, & Dr Marilyn are placing their omelet orders with the chef.

What is Conni getting from that bar...probably "grits"....Marcela is getting an omelet too.

Thank you for the juice...Fran will set  down now!

Dr Fran and her omelet.

Missy and her beverages... what is she going to eat?

Marcela....keeping it light !

Rasheena and Dr Kim enjoying each other and their breakfast.

Retreat 2011: Night Golf

The PGA golf pro had our undivided attention.

Rasheena maybe having second thoughts about playing golf at night.

Coach Jackie had to give Deatrice additional guidance... Rasheena is ready to play now !

Rasheena is really ready now... I guess the muscadines are kicking in now!

Dr Marilyn tee's  off  in the dark.

It's really dark now... just waiting to  tee off.

Conni, Deatrice and Thaddeus are waiting to tee off...I thought he  was taking did he do this shot?

Coach Jackie making sure everyone understands how to keep the  pace of play..I think Missy is chilly.

Retreat 2011: Night Golf/Mixer

Mixing & Mingling before we start our Night Golf Tournament.

Coach Mary giving us some instructions.

We are waiting for a"little " darkness so we can begin.

Coach Jackie giving her instructions.

Coach Jackie is  really giving detail information.

It's Cool outside...Just trying to warm up so we can tee off...Still waiting for darkness !

PGA  Class A golf pro instructing the group on course playing in the "night".

Retreat 2011: Group Lunch

We worked up an appetite after the golf clinic...Conni has a question about an item on the menu.

The Black Jewels really enjoy each others company!
Dr Marilyn gives a toast....Cheers to you !:-)

Retreat 2011: Golf Clinic

Deatrice, Marcela, Dr Fran, Dr Marilyn and Missy are waiting for the shuttle bus.

The Black Jewels are on the shuttle bus going to Chateau Elan's golf course.

The Black Jewels had two shuttle buses to the golf  course...we are having so much fun!

Once we arrived, Chateau Elan Golf Course provided carts to take us to the practice range.

We are on our way  to  the practice range for the Golf Clinic.

Coach Mary Scott instruct the clinic participants.

Coach Mary in "golf mode" !

The Black Jewels of Atlanta, New York, Florida, Chicago & New Jersey.

Retreat 2011: Group Photo

The Black Jewels of Atlanta, New York, Florida, Chicago and New Jersey.

Retreat 2011: Special Gifts from Rasheena Wilson

Rasheena has a special appreciation gift for the chapter presidents.

Dr Fran receives her Tiffany & Company gift from Rasheena.

Denise Winston from Chicago receives her Tiffany gift.

Coran James from Brooklyn, NY, gives Rasheena a hug for her gift.

Tommye Brown from Tampa, FL, could not believe the gift that was given.

The Tiffany & Company group... Thank You Rasheena for a Wonderful Gift !

Retreat 2011:Chapter Presentation

Rasheena Wilson ( founder/president) giving updated chapter  information.

Coran James gives her presentation for Brooklyn, NY.

Denise Turner has a presentation for Chicago, IL.

Tommye Brown gave her presentation for Tampa/St Petersburg, FL.

Doris Winston was presenting for New Jersey.