Sunday, January 23, 2011

Holiday Celebration with the Metrobots

Our host Dr Marilyn making sure everything there's nothing else needed...Thanks!

Ms Fran B. , Ms Z, Dr Marilyn and Marcela....everyone enjoyed the event!

Renee is watching the movie and enjoying the team members..even the one's who are talking during the movie!LOL

These guys are really into the movie on the  "Big" screen!

Our two host Dr Marilyn and Marcela... I think Fran is just having fun...not really working right now!

Fran helping some of the team members with their food selections.

The " Gang's" all here...BJLGA(mentors),Metrobots, parents families & friends.

BJLGA-ATL mentors and sponsors to the Metrobots.

Metrobots @ The Robotics Qualifier

Dr Marilyn is busy helping with the project display step.

Missy, Marcela & Marilyn are all helping our junior engineers with their project's over eighty pages!

Missy, Frandora and few of the team members are getting ready for the final round of competition.

Conni is on "Pit" is where all the behind the scenes actions take place during competition

Fran is cheering on the participants while Mateo, Marion & Miles look on with exhausted faces.

Holiday Celebration @ Sambuca Jazz Cafe

We are waiting for all our members to  arrive so we can be seated..Who is that next to Marcela?...Major W.

I think Deatrice and Jackie are "texting"...

Dr Kim & Matalia are concentrating on the menu selections...everyone is talking...our server won't be happy when he returns to take our orders...we are having so much fun together as always.

This jazz group was fantastic!

Missy, Frandora, Dr Kim and Marcela...we are now ready to order ...Where's our server?:-)

Deatrice,Jackie,Marcela,Missy,Frandora and Dr Kim...The Black Jewels...

We are waiting for the valet to bring us our automobiles..this is a picture moment while waiting in the cold.