Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Golf Girl Friends

Golf GirlFriends are always doing things together... Like Kim A. and Ms Jackie. They are virtual roomates when we travel. Here @ Chateau Elan they strike a pose for the camera on the way to meet the other girlfirends. We Stay & Play golf and always have a great time together.Kim A is our girlfriend of fun, logic and togetherness.

 Golf GirlFriends will play with you on or off the golf course. Conni, Deatrice, Fran and Precious are ready to go to the lounge to dance and play pool after they finish a round of Night Golf in the rain @ Chateau Elan. Connie and Deatrice are our girlfriends of fun, happiness and business sense.
Dr Marilyn and Marcela are always dressed and ready to play.  Even in the early morning hours on a cool Sunday.  These are girl friends for all seasons. Dr Marilyn and Marcela are our girlfriends of happiness, fun and delightfulness.
 Ms Missy and Fran are girls of fun and laughter.  They play hard and laugh harder. Girl friends on a spiritual journey...whatever the occassion....Having fun and laughing always. Missy and Frandora are girlfriends of togetherness, excitement and fun.
Ms Z is our Golf GirlFriend who will share your hurts, jokes or just be you spiritual girlfriend.
She will enjoy in the laughters and share her friendship on all occassions. Ms Z is our girlfriend of fun, laughter and serious thoughts.
 Dr Kim T and girl friend Lynn are our loving girl friends of fun and seriousness.  We love our seriously fun girlfriends, because they always keep us on task as a group. Dr Kim makes sure whatever we are doing, we do as a loving group of girlfriends.
Dr Kim is our girlfriend of sense, sensibility and fun.
 There is always a new recruit...It' s Girl Friend Renee.  She is our new serious, loving and laughing girlfriend.  We are so glad to have another golf girlfirend in our group. She is a great deal of fun and is the girlfriend that will be the wind beneath our wings. Frandora is our girlfiend of fun, leadership, togetherness and adventure. Renee is our girlfriend of fun and sensibility. Missy is our girlfriend of fun, laughter, love and happiness.
Girlfriends, Ms Scott, Jackie and Dr Marilyn are our lady leaders. Ms Scott is our girl friend of coaching, leadership and fun. Jackie is our girlfriend of fun, laughter, and leadership and Dr Marilyn is our girlfriend of membership, seriousness and fun.

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